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July 2002, Volume 8, Number 3

California Farm Sales: Tulare/Fresno

Tulare county had the most farm sales in 2001, $3.5 billion, compared to $3.2 billion for Fresno county. Fresno county replaced Los Angeles County in 1954 as the leading farm county, and held that rank until 2001. Tulare county produced $1.2 billion worth of milk, $530 million of navel and valencia oranges, and $360 million of grapes. Fresno county produced $370 million of cotton, $340 million each of grapes and poultry, and $250 million worth of milk. Fresno county produced $370 million worth of cotton, $345 million worth of grapes, $340 million worth of poultry, $250 million worth of milk, and $210 million worth of tomatoes.

California farm sales reached $27 billion in 2000, led by $3.4 billion in farm sales in Fresno County; $3.1 billion in Tulare; and $2.9 billion in Monterey county. Merced county, with $1.7 billion in farm sales, had a record $625 million worth of milk, followed by chickens, cattle, almonds and tomatoes.

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