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Rural Migration News

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October 1995, Volume 1, Number 4

Editor's Note

This is the fourth issue of Rural Migration News, but the first to
be distributed throughout the US. We are sending you this issue of
Rural Migration News because of your interests--if you wish to
continue receiving Rural Migration News, please follow the
subscription instructions.

Our mailing list is not complete. If you know of someone who would
benefit from Rural Migration News, please pass it on. Rural Migration
News is not copyrighted.

The Immigration section of Rural MN draws from the monthly
newsletter Migration News. If you wish to subscribe to Migration
News, send your email address to: <>

There is no charge for the email Migration News. A paper copy of
Migration News is available by mail for $30 domestic and $50 foreign.
Make checks payable to UC Regents and send to: Philip Martin,
Department of Agricultural Economics, University of California, Davis
California 95616 USA.

The editors welcome your suggestions.

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