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January 1995, Volume 1, Number 1

Farm Workers

Farmworker Unions
The United Farm Workers (UFW) union held its twelfth constitutional convention in Fresno, California on September 3-4, 1994. Perhaps more than any


Another Bracero Program Considered
On December 13, the Inter-American Institute on Migration and Labor organized a meeting of 25 farm worker advocates in Washington DC to discuss the

Devaluation and Emigration From Mexico
Mexican migration to the US, which averaged about 300,000 settlers and 800,000 to two million sojourners per year over the past decade, is expected


Population Shares vs Political Power
Latinos in 1994 were 28 percent of California's residents, up from 11 percent in 1970. According to the 1990 COP, 67 of California's 456 cities had

At-Large vs District Elections
California has 456 cities, and more than 400 use the at-large system of voting in which all candidates for city council and school board are

Latinos in School
In Santa Ana, Santa Ana Unified's student body is 87 percent Latino, and nearly three-quarters of its 48,286 students are learning English as their

Latinos Lack Health Insurance
Latinos are almost twice as likely as other Californians to be without health insurance, even though 87 percent of uninsured Latinos are from


Parlier has been described as a Latino community of 10,000 people created by migrant farm workers--99.5 percent of the 2,400 students are Latino.

Dinuba and Orange Cove
In rural California, "the political, economic and social exclusion of Latinos is far greater in that area than in San Francisco or Los Angeles,"

Guadalupe and Santa Maria
Guadalupe, a city of 5,000 in the northwest corner of Santa Barbara county that is 80 percent Hispanic, may be a harbinger of the socio-economic

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