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Rural Migration News

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July 1995, Volume 1, Number 3

Rural America

Day Laborers
In many California cities and towns, so-called "day laborers" congregate on street corners or in the parking lots of builders' stores awaiting the

Vote Fraud in Parlier
A city council candidate was convicted of voter fraud after going door-to-door in a November 1992 race in Parlier with absentee ballots, and

Farm Workers

UFW Wins at Washington
In Washington, former House speaker Tom Foley supervised an election held June 2, 1995 in which two-thirds of the 96 year-round workers at the

Farm Worker Assistance Programs
On May 18-19, 1995, a Congress on American Agricultural Labor brought together more than 12 groups that represent and provide services to farm

Guest Workers
As Congress considers legislation that would step up efforts to reduce illegal immigration, western growers have launched a new effort to begin a

Weeding California Fields
The short-handled hoe, known as el cortito, was banned in California in 1975, the same year that the state enacted the Agricultural Labor Relations

FBI Kept Tabs on Chavez
The FBI began collecting information on Cesar Chavez on October 8, 1965, shortly after Chavez's organization joined a grape harvesters' strike

Farm Worker Protection
On May 25, farmers told the House Economic and Educational Opportunities Subcommittee on Workforce Protections that the unanimous 1990 US Supreme


CIR Recommends Less Immigration
The nine-member U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, headed by Barbara Jordan, recommended at a press conference June 7 that legal immigration be

Citizen Children
There are estimated to be one million US citizen children who have illegal alien parents, including 114,000 in Los Angeles county who are receiving

California's 1971 Employer Sanctions Law
In the wake of Governor Wilson's admission that an illegal alien worked in his household in the late 1970s, a review of Wilson's role in


LA Business Opportunities
A recent survey by Hispanic Business Magazine of the top 50 cities for Latino businesses ranked Los Angeles No. 10 because of the high cost of

US and California Population Growth
The US population was estimated to be 260 million on July 1, 1994, up from 249 million in 1990. There are about four million births annually, and

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