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October 1996, Volume 2, Number 4

Rural America

Immigrants in Rural California
The San Diego Union-Tribune ran feature stories on September 22-23 that explored immigrant integration in Mecca, California, a farm worker town of

Immigrants in Midwestern Meatpacking
The cover story of the September 23, 1996 US News & World Report, "The New Jungle," focused on the use of immigrant workers in Iowa's meatpacking

Latinos in Southern Poultry
The Hispanic population in the South grew from 4.3 million to 6.5 million between 1980 and 1990. The rising number of Hispanics is changing

Latinos in the Northeast
The New York Times on September 30 included a lengthy story on immigrants to the US who bypass central cities and settle in suburbs. Haverstraw, New

Rural Renaissance?
About 75 percent of US rural counties added population between 1990 and 1995, versus 45 percent in the 1980s. The US has about 3,100 counties, and

Hispanic HOusing Discrimination
The US Justice Department sued Waukegan, Illinois over a housing ordinance the government alleges was enacted and enforced to limit the number of

Farm Workers

No UFW Elections at Strawberry Farms in 1996
During the summer of 1996, UFW efforts to organize strawberry pickers around Watsonville featured prominently in news stories. According to the

Northeastern/Midwestern Farm Workers
Maine is the nation's third-leading producer of broccoli, after California and Arizona, harvesting about 5,000 acres each year and making broccoli

Farm Workers in Idaho and Arizona
Some 22,000 Hispanic farm workers are employed from mid-March through late-October harvesting potatoes, sugar beets and grain in Idaho, and 15,000

Florida Farm Workers
The UFW is attempting to put pressure on Sylvan Incorporated, a leading producer of mushroom spawn (seed) that owns Quincy Farms in Florida, where 85

Labor Law Enforcement
President Clinton on July 29, 1996 vetoed the TEAM Act, which would have eased legal restrictions on "employee involvement" programs in nonunion

ALRB/NLRB/Court Decisions
The Agricultural Labor Relations Board on September 22, 1996 issued two decisions on the access of union organizers to workers on farms. In


Immigration and Welfare Changes
In 1996, three major pieces of legislation were signed into law that will affect immigrants: the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act,

Naturalization Controversy
As the number of newly-naturalized US citizens surpassed 1.1 million in FY96, Republicans stepped up their attacks on Citizenship USA, the

Poverty in America
In 1995, some 36 million US residents, 14 percent of the population, lived in households with below-poverty level incomes. The poverty line--three


How We Eat
There were about 100 million "consumer units" in the US, and they spent an average $30,700 in 1993, up from $29,800 in 1992. The five largest

Mexican Tomatoes and Avocados
The US farm value of fresh vegetables and melons was $7.4 billion in 1995, and Florida's production of six winter fresh vegetables--tomatoes, bell

FVH Agriculture
The farm value of fruits and nuts, vegetables and melons and horticultural specialties such as mushrooms and greenhouse/nursery crops totaled a


EDD Report 352. 1996. Wages, Benefits, Contributions, and Employment by Industry. August 23. This annual report presents administrative

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