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April 1997, Volume 3, Number 2

Rural America

INS: Rural Employers Verify
About 1,000 US employers are participating in the INS's Employment Verification Pilot system, which involves employers sending I-9 information on

Mexicans Spread Out
There are almost seven million Mexican-born US residents, making Mexicans almost 30 percent of US immigrants, up sharply from seven percent in 1970.

Florida Freezes; West Floods
Florida farmers lost an estimated $300 million in fruits and vegetables when temperatures unexpectedly dipped below freezing on January 18-19, 1997.

Native Americans
There are 557 federally recognized Native American tribes in the US, with 2.2 million members in 1990, up from 827,000 in 1970. The increased number

Farm Workers

UFW Steps Up Strawberry Campaign
The 1997 strawberry season began with shipments from southern California, but the UFW focused its organizing activities on the Salinas-Watsonville

UFW: Suits Housing and Unions
The founder of the CRLA, James Lorenz, filed a suit on behalf of two former organizers in January 1997 against the UFW in Santa Cruz County Superior

Other Farm Worker Unions
On March 26, 1997, Teamsters Local 890 and Bud of California, a subsidiary of Salinas-based Dole Fresh Vegetables, announced that they had extended

Farm Workers: Wages and Pesticides
The New York Times on March 31, 1997 reported that farm wages and working conditions have improved since the 1960 TV documentary "Harvest of Shame,"

Enforcement: Child Labor, Joint Employment, TIPP
Representatives of the United States, Mexico and Canada met in San Diego in February 24-25, 1997 to examine the prevalence of child labor and methods

ALRB/NRLA Decisions
The California Governor's budget proposal for 1997-98 includes $4.6 million for the ALRB, up from $4.3 million in 1996-97, and $4 million in


Guest Workers
For each of the past five years, proposals have been introduced into Congress to launch a guest worker program for US farmers. On January 21, 1997,

INS: IIRIA and Apprehensions
Many provisions of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996--IIRIRA-- went into effect as scheduled on April 1, 1997,

Welfare Changes Continue
The 1996 welfare law made a major change in the relationship between immigrants and the social safety net, shifting US policy from generally making

Five Million Illegal Aliens in US
The INS on February 7, 1997 released new estimates of the population of resident illegal aliens, estimating that there were five million unauthorized


Farm Workers Elsewhere
On January 1, 1994, the International Federation of Plantation, Agriculture and Allied Workers (IFPAAW) merged with the International Union of Food,

On February 22, 1997, scientists in Scotland announced they had created a healthy lamb from a normal adult DNA cell taken from the udder of an adult


Changing Face Conferences; Sept 11-13, 1997 October 10-11, 1997
More information is available at: [url=//]//[/url] September 11-13, 1997. The fourth Changing Face of

Two Views of Farm Workers
Both the USDA and the US Department of Labor produce data on the characteristics and earnings of farm workers. USDA. Until 1990, most

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