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Rural Migration News

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April 2000, Volume 6, Number 2

Rural America

Operation Vanguard, Poultry
The INS in 1998-99 devised a new way to discourage Midwestern meatpackers from hiring unauthorized workers without disrupting production or

California: The Rural Job Gap
Governor Gray Davis recently noted that, if the eight counties from San Joaquin to Kern were a separate state, their $14.5 billion in agricultural

California: San Joaquin Development
There were two reports issued in January 2000 on the San Joaquin Valley, with over three million residents and $13 billion in annual farm sales,

Farm Workers

California: Employment Services
Each year about 700,000 seasonal farm workers are matched with jobs on farms that last from a few days to several months— the other 100,000

California: Transportation, Labor and Safety
There continues to be legislative interest in helping farm workers, with several bills introduced to provide more benefits or to tighten labor laws

UFW: Chavez Holiday, Coastal
The California Senate on January 31, 2000 voted 23-0 to approve SB 984, making March 31 a paid holiday for state workers, public schools and

State Briefs
Florida tomato pickers marched 230 miles from Immokalee to the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association in Orlando to protest low piece-rate picking

Housing: Tents
Washington announced new rules for tent camps for migrant workers in March 2000. Washington has several labor-intensive but short harvest seasons,

Migrant Services
During the peak of the harvest season, many migrant service programs assist reporters in profiling the migrants they serve. Migrant Education

ALRB: Farm and Nonfarm Work
The Agricultural Labor Relations Board has a $4.8 million budget and a staff of 50 in 1999-00. The ALRB requested $5 million for 2000-01,


Guest Workers
There are two major guest worker proposals pending in Congress: S1814, the Agricultural Job Opportunity Benefits And Security Act of 1999 (AgJOBS),

H-2A: Suits, Sheep
The Migrant Farmworker Justice Project in Belle Glade, Florida filed a class-action lawsuit against International Paper, Georgia-Pacific and


Farm Production
Producing food and fiber on farms is often compared to producing cars or appliances in factories: the nonfarm factory brings together people and

California Fruits and Vegatables
California's farm sales in 1998 were $26.6 billion, up slightly from $26.3 billion in 1997. Fresno county had $3.2 billion in farm sales; followed

Commodities: Fruits and Nuts
US fruit production fell four percent in 1998 to 34 million short tons from 3.2 million bearing acres, including 16 million tons of noncitrus fruit

Commodities: Horticulture Specialties
About 40 percent of the roses produced in California by 475 growers are grown with hydroponics, in plastic tubs about one foot square. The bottom


NAWS: 1997-98
US Department of Labor released the its eighth report based on the National Agricultural Workers' Survey (NAWS); 4,199 workers, with the permission

NAFTA and Migrants
A Conference on Agricultural Migrant Labor in North America was held February 8-9, 2000 in Los Angeles. NAFTA included a labor side agreement that

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