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Rural Migration News

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July 2000, Volume 6, Number 3

Rural America

Meat, Poultry and Migrants
There were about 1.7 million employees employed in food and kindred products manufacturing, SIC code 20, in 1999; employment in this industry has

Central Valley Metropolitics
The Great Valley Center commissioned a report that mapped a variety of population and economic data to illustrate the fact that the Central Valley-

California: Rural Welfare
The California Department of Social Services in 1999-2000 supported a one-year demonstration project, the Consortium for Rural and Agricultural Human

Farm Workers

California: Farm Labor Laws
The year 2000 appears to be the year of the farm labor contractor, with legislative and enforcement efforts directed toward ensuring that the 1,200

Florida: Sugar, Tomatoes, Housing
Between 1941 and the mid-1990s, virtually all sugarcane grown in Florida was cut by hand by workers imported from the Caribbean, usually from

Washington: RICO Suit Series
A class-action suit was filed on behalf of several legal immigrants in Yakima under the state's Racketeer and Corrupt Organizations Act against

UFW: Changing Role
The UFW is enlarging its role from a union representing farm workers to a broader movement advocating on behalf of Hispanics, according to an article

Children, Data, Services
Children. Human Rights Watch in June 2000 released a report that estimated that 300,000 to 800,000 mostly Hispanic children work on US farms. HRM

State Briefs
Maine. Some of the peak 1,000 former Mexican employees of DeCoster Egg Farm in Turner filed a lawsuit in May 2000 alleging that DeCoster


Guest Workers H-2A to H-2C?
Farmers have been trying for most of the 1990s to secure Congressional approval of an alternative to the H-2A program, which allows US farmers

Canadian Guest Workers
Canada admits about 15,000 foreign farm workers each year for seasonal employment on Canadian farms. In 1999, some 7,640 seasonal foreign farm


Latin America
Oranges. Southeastern Brazil is the source of most of the oranges used to make orange juice; Brazil employs 400,000 workers to produce more oranges

Zimbabwe: Land
Zimbabwe voters went to the polls on June 25, 2000 to elect a new 150-seat parliament, the fifth election since the country became independent in

Farmers, Land, Commodities
The average age of US farmers was 54 in 1997, and 61 percent of farmers were 55 or older; only five percent of US farmers were under 35. These data

Food Spending
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were about 106 million "consumer units" in the US in 1997-98, with an average of 2.5 persons

Genetically modified organisms or genetically engineered crops are plants with genes added that confer resistance to insect, fungal and viral pests


Basques and Sheep
Bieter, John and Mark Bieter. 2000. An Enduring Legacy : The Story of Basques in Idaho. Reno. University of Nevada Press.

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