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October 2000, Volume 6, Number 4

Rural America

Vanguard and Meat Packing
Operation Vanguard remained on hold in Nebraska and Iowa in summer 2000, waiting for INS headquarters to grant permission to continue and expand the

San Joaquin Valley: Jobs, Welfare
California's unemployment rate was five percent in August 2000. Employment increased by 14,500, down from 47,000 new jobs, including 33,000 private

Napa: Wine, Vineyards, Housing
Napa is one of the smallest but best known of California's 58 counties, with 123,000 residents in 1999 and a projected 158,000 by 2020; about 18

California: Land, Water, Processors
The California Chapter of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers ( released its report on land prices

Meat: Midwest, Southeast
In 1999, the INS in Omaha subpoenaed records from 111 meatpacking plants in Nebraska, compared employee I-9 information against SSA and INS records,

Farm Workers

California: FLCs, Housing, Hate
Farm Labor Contractors. Between December 1997 and February 1998, the US Department of Labor inspected 66 vineyards to check on compliance with

UFW: Gallo, Bear Creek
The United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO, held its 15th Constitutional Convention on September 2-3, 2000 "to celebrate 38 years of continuous

Florida, Georgia
Florida. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on June 15, 2000 charged that Sun-Rich of Immokalee refused to hire at least 12 Haitians as

Texas-Midwest, FLOC
Texas. Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush assured farmers that "agriculture will not be a stepchild in the Bush administration." Critics

Northwest: Housing, Wages
Washington employs an estimated 44,000 workers to harvest apples and 16,000 to harvest cherries. There were protests and strikes by apple pickers in

Norma Turner was appointed ALRB General Counsel. The ALRB issued several decisions in May 2000. In Coastal Berry Company 26 ALRB 2 (2000), the

Farmworker Health and Safety
Child Labor. The New York Times reported on August 5, 2000 that there were 150,000 children ages 16 or younger employed in US agriculture and said

California: Chavez Holiday
California in August 2000 became the first state to honor Cesar Chavez with an official paid holiday. The California Legislature approved SB 984


New Guest Workers
Negotiations over a new guest worker program for agriculture continued, with growers arguing for a program, called AgJOBS or the Agricultural Job

H-2A: Data, Sheep, Sugar
The Michigan Migrant Legal Assistance Project sued several Sheridan, Michigan companies that allegedly recruited at least 25 Mexican workers in


Farm Policy, Developing Countries
The OECD reported that government support for agriculture cost consumers and taxpayers $361 billion in 1999, equivalent to 40 percent of total farm

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