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July 2001, Volume 7, Number 3

Rural America

California: San Joaquin, Imperial, Coast
California Governor Gray Davis announced a "Buy California" program on June 1 2001. The goal of the $5 million program is to persuade consumers to

Population, Poultry, Meat
During the 1990s, 676 of the 3,141 US counties lost population (other sources report there are 3,077 US counties). Most of the counties losing

Farm Workers

California Enforcement, Housing
The Sacramento Bee on May 20-22, 2001 highlighted the failure of the state to enforce labor laws aimed at protecting farm workers. The series laid

California: WC, UI, Wages and Benefits
Agriculture, construction and mining are industries with higher than average injury rates for workers. In California, the number of reported

Unions: Disputes, Chavez, Dues
There were three ALRB-supervised elections in the first five months of 2001. The UFW won a May 2001 election at a Bakersfield sod farm on a 13-6

Midwest: Migrants
The INS apprehended 91 unauthorized workers at Boomsma Inc. egg facilities near Clarion, Iowa in April 2001; the workers were provided to Boomsma by

Southeast, Northeast
The Florida Legislature was considering legislation in May 2001 that would prohibit farmers from deducting the cost of equipment and supplies used

Northwest: Oregon, Washington, Idaho
Oregon committed $1 million for farm worker housing in 1999-2000, and a proposal in the Legislature would increase the amount to $5 million for

MSFW: Legal, Other Services
The Legal Services Corporation, founded in 1974 to provide legal assistance to poor residents, received $329 million in federal funds in FY2000.


Guest Workers, Braceros
The major immigration issues facing the new administration and Congress are: (1) whether and how to break up the INS into separate enforcement and

Canada, Mexico Farm Labor
Eric Schmitt, "Bush Aides Weigh Legalizing Status of Mexicans in U.S," New York Times, July 15, 2001. Ricardo Sandoval, "Guest-workers' refunds

H-2A, H-2B
The H-2A program is the major program through which US farmers anticipating labor shortages can legally secure the services of temporary foreign farm


How We Eat: 1999 Data
About 2.5 million individuals do farm work for wages sometime during a typical year, so that farm workers represent less than two percent of the 140

Subsidies, Land Values, Water
The Freedom to Farm Act of 1996 eliminated supply controls on farmers, leaving them free to produce as much wheat and corn as they wanted, and

FVH, Other Commodities
Low grape prices have encouraged some farmers to replace grapes with tree fruits such as peaches, plums and nectarines. Corrin Produce in Reedley

Agribusiness, Aquaculture
USDA's ERS has developed a classification of farms that groups them by their annual sales and major activity of the operator. The major distinction

Mad Cows, GMOs
In early May 2001, after destroying 2.5 million animals, the UK declared that hoof-and-mouth disease was "under control," setting the stage for

Global Agriculture
A global glut of bananas is encouraging Chiquita Brands International, Dole Food Co. and Del Monte to change the way they deal with Latin American

The 1997 Census of Agriculture reported that the total hired labor expenditures of farmers were $14.8 billion in 1997, 10 percent of total farm

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