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Rural Migration News

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October 2001, Volume 7, Number 4

Rural America

California: San Joaquin Valley, Klamath
Some 90 rural and agricultural areas are expected to apply for two federal empowerment zone designations that will be made by USDA in 2002. In

Midwest, Southeast
Democratic Governor Tom Vilsack designated three model cities to welcome immigrants, offering Mason City, Marshalltown and Fort Dodge $50,000 grants

Welfare Reform: Agricultural California
California's welfare caseload was 656,544 in March 1990, peaked in March 1995 at 932,345 cases, and then fell 39 percent to 567,549 cases in March

Farm Workers

California: New Laws, Dole
California has new farm worker protection laws that permit higher fines on farm employers who do not pay workers the wages they are due (AB 423), and

California: Housing, Napa, Stockton
The Department of Housing and Community Development made $13 million in grants from the Joe Serna Jr. Farmworker Housing Grant program in August

ALRB, UFW, Teamsters
The ALRB issued several decisions, including Turco Desert Company, 27 ALRB 4, in which the ALRB agreed that date grower Turco unlawfully fired worker

West: Apples
The Fall 2001 apple harvest saw the spread of several labor practices, including the use of tents to house harvest workers on public lands, such as

East: Blueberries, Housing, Tomatoes
Maine produces about $85 million worth of blueberries a year, and half of the 8,000 seasonal harvesters are Latino immigrants; the other half of the

Data and Services
USDA surveys farm employers around the US once each quarter, and reported that there were 1.4 million hired workers on US farms in the week of July


Terrorism, Guest Workers
On September 11, 2001, four commercial planes were hijacked in the US. Using the planes as bombs, the hijackers flew two into the World Trade Center

H-2A Programs
The number of farm jobs certified as needing to be filled by H-2A foreign workers tripled in the late 1990s, from 15,100 in FY95 to 44,000 in FY00.

Canada: Ag Guest Workers
In 2000, some 7,300 Mexicans were among the 16,900 foreign farm workers admitted to Canada; the non-Mexicans were from Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados

Legalization: 245(i), SAWs
The Legal Immigration Family Equity Act (LIFE) restored, until April 30, 2001, the 245(i) provision of immigration law that allows foreigners


Wine 2001
The "normal" California wine grape crush is about three million tons a year. The harvest was 3.3 million tons from 458,000 acres in 2000, and is

Trade, Tourism, Aquaculture
The US exported goods worth $712 billion in 2000, and imported goods worth $1.2 trillion, for a $493 billion trade deficit. Leading exports were

US Farm Policy, FVH
Congress approved a $5.5 billion supplementary farm aid bill for FY01, which ends September 30, 2001; in FY00, supplementary farm aid was $7.1

Agriculture: Mexico, China, EU
Humans may have begun farming in 11,000 BC, after a climate change that led to fat-grained cereals, such as rye, that could only have been selected

Yolo County Agriculture
Yolo county (, California, with 160,000 residents, is located along the I-80 corridor connecting Sacramento and the Bay area.

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