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Rural Migration News

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July 2005, Volume 11, Number 3

Rural America

San Joaquin Valley: Tulare, Napa
If the seven San Joaquin Valley counties of Fresno, Kings, Merced, Kern, Madera, Stanislaus and Tulare were a separate state, the "San Joaquin Valley

Meat and Migrants
The $40 billion value-added slaughtering and processing industry turns cattle, hogs, sheep and poultry into meat and other products on "dis-assembly

Hispanics and Rural Poverty
Traditional manufacturing industries in rural America, including meat processing and carpet manufacturing, increasingly employ Hispanic immigrants.

Farm Workers

ALRB, Workers, Canneries
Few US farm workers follow the crops in the manner portrayed in "The Grapes of Wrath," setting off without knowing where their next US farm job will

UFW: Gallo, Heat, Unions
The UFW remained locked in a dispute with Gallo of Sonoma in spring and summer 2005 over what benefits should go to the two-thirds of workers brought

Northeast, Midwest, Northwest
CITA, the Centro Independiente de Trabajadores Agr¡colas (Independent Farm Workers Center), organized a four-day "March for Justice" to Albany in May

Florida: Lakeland Ledger
Lakeland Ledger. The Lakeland Ledger in Polk county published a six-day series on farm workers beginning May 22, 2005 under the title "Illegal, but

Data, Services
The US Department of Labor suspended the National Agricultural Workers Survey (NAWS) in January 2005 and reinstated it in April 2005. The survey


AgJOBS, McCain-Kennedy
The Agricultural Jobs, Benefits and Security Act would allow currently unauthorized farm workers to earn an immigrant status and make it easier for

H-2A, H-2B, Braceros
Many mid-Georgia peach growers have turned to AgWorks Inc to obtain H-2A seasonal workers for pruning, thinning, picking and packing. AgWorks is run

Border, Sanctions
The 10.3 million unauthorized foreigners in the US in the March 2004 Current Population Survey were almost four percent of the 293 million US

Canada: Seasonal Workers
Canada's Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program is expanding in British Columbia from fewer than 50 Mexican workers in 2004 to over 300 in 2005. The

UK, New Zealand
Gangmasters is the British term for labor contractors, and there are several thousand who supply up to 100,000 workers to farms and food processing


Changing Face seminars have explored the impacts of immigrants arriving in rural and agricultural areas on local economies and communities and the prospects for the upward mobility of migrants and their children since 1995 (//
In Winter or Spring 2006 we plan a seminar at UC-Davis to assess pending or enacted immigration reforms and how they are likely to affect agriculture

California Commodities
Cherries are one of the earliest labor-intensive fruits to harvest in California. Workers pick about 100 pounds an hour from traditional trees and

Subsidies, Sugar, Obesity
US Subsidies. President Bush in February 2005 proposed cutting farm subsidies by $5.4 billion over the next five years, in part by limiting total

Wine, Olives, Water
California wineries sold 522 million gallons of wine in 2004 worth $7 billion, including 430 million gallons or 82 percent in the US (total US wine

Bird Flu. Bird flu (H5N1) persists in Asia, and health officials fear that it could undergo genetic changes and become the most deadly disease to

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