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Rural Migration News

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July 2012, Volume 18, Number 3

Rural America

California: Labor Shortages, Housing
California farmers complained of labor shortages in summer 2012. California Farm Bureau leaders said that: "Farmers are telling us that the workers

Supply Chain Pressure, Food System, Meat
Unions have traditionally negotiated with employers to improve conditions for workers. However, in garments, electronics and agriculture, producers

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program enacted in 1996 gave states a block grant to care for the poor. TANF established a maximum

Farm Workers

California: Heat, UI
Heat. The Farm Worker Safety Act (AB 2346) would allow farm workers to sue employers for failure to provide shade and water and make farmers

Florida: CIW; Southeast: Migrants
Florida. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) implemented its Fair Food Program with 37 mature-green tomato growers in Florida in 2011-12. There

Midwest, Northeast, Northwest
Michigan. Ontario's Mastronardi Produce, owner of the $25 million Maroa hydroponic tomato greenhouse in Coldwater, was certified to fill 54 jobs with

UFW at 50, ALRB, Unions
The UFW held its 50th anniversary convention in Bakersfield on May 18-19, 2012. The UFW supports making March 31 a national holiday honoring Cesar

How Many Farm Workers? ARMS
There are several farm worker concepts and sources of data on hired farm workers. The three major concepts are average employment, peak and trough

DOL: Child Labor, Training, ECEC
The US Department of Labor withdrew proposed regulations to tighten farm safety standards for children in April 2012 "in response to thousands of


Farm Labor Shortages, H-2A, H-2B
It is very hard to evaluate grower claims of labor shortage because the "need" for farm workers depends more on wages and prices than on nature.

Arizona, DREAM
The US Supreme Court in June 2012 accepted one and rejected three parts of Arizona's SB 1070, an attrition-through-enforcement law enacted in April

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency has 26 offices around the US and is stepping up I-9 audits, checking the forms completed by newly

Mexico-US Migration: Pew, Massey
Pew. The Pew Hispanic Center estimated that the number of unauthorized Mexicans in the US peaked at seven million in 2007 and fell to 6.1 million in

Canada, ANZ
Canada accepts more immigrants on a per capita basis than the US, 280,000 in 2010, equivalent to 0.85 percent of Canada's population. If the US had


California: Grapes, Berries, Water
Grapes. California produces 100 million 19-pound boxes (or equivalents) of table grapes a year. About 60 percent remain in the US and 40 percent are

US: Sales, Crops, Livestock
US farm sales were $298 billion in 2007, including $144 billion worth of crops and $154 billion worth of livestock commodities. Fruits and nuts, $18

Wine, Food
Americans bought 347 million cases of wine worth $32.5 billion in 2011, paying an average $94 a case or $7.80 a bottle. California wineries

Global: Population, Climate
The world's population, 7.1 billion in 2012, is growing by 1.2 percent or 85 million a year. Poverty and population growth go together; most of the

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