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Rural Migration News

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April 2014, Volume 20, Number 2

Rural America

California: Drought 2014
Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency in January 2014, citing lack of rain and snow that lowered water levels in dams for the third

Meat and Migrants
The Animal Slaughtering and Processing industry (NAICS 3116) employed an average 482,350 workers in 4,000 establishments in 2012. Total wages were

Rural America
The Wall Street Journal reported on March 21, 2014 that 75 percent of rural Americans are represented by Republicans in the House of Representatives,

Farm Workers

California: FLCs, Minimum Wages, Grapes
California's 1,200 farm labor contractors range from those that employ thousands of workers to those that employ 10 or 20 workers. All have some of

Florida, Southeast
The Coalition of Immokalee Workers, a 20-year old organization of tomato pickers, came under fire from the business-backed Worker Center Watch

Midwest, Northeast, Northwest
Wisconsin. Some 220 farmers, over 80 percent who have dairies with an average 525 milking cows, completed a survey of the employment and earnings of

UFW, ALRB, Unions
The $10 million film, "Cesar Chavez: An American Hero," was released March 28, 2014. The film stars Michael Pe¤a as Chavez, and was shot mostly in

Mechanization, Job Training
The prospect of fewer new Mexican-born farm workers has rekindled interest in labor-saving farm machinery. Many buyers of fruits and vegetables are


Immigration Reform and Agriculture
House Republicans are divided on immigration reform, reducing prospects for enactment of comprehensive legislation in 2014 that would allow

H-2A; H-2B
Department of Labor certified 98,800 jobs to be filled with H-2A workers in FY13, and Department of State issued 74,200 H-2A visas. DOL

DHS: Border, Interior
Border. The number of foreigners apprehended by the US Border Patrol just inside US borders peaked at over 1.7 million a year in both FY86 and FY00.

Canada, Spain, UK
Canada. Caribbean (since 1966) and Mexican (since 1974) workers have been arriving in Canada under the Seasonal Agricultural Workers' Program (SAWP)


Agriculture: California, US
Strawberry production continues to expand, with production a record 195 million trays in 2013 from 40,800 acres. California produces 85 percent of

Wine, Food
California crushed some 4.7 million tons of grapes in 2013, up from 4.4 million tons in 2013. There were three major types of grapes crushed: 2.4

Climate Change
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change hopes to achieve agreement among world leaders in Paris in December 2015 to limit the

Child Labor
More children work in agriculture than in any other sector, about 60 percent of all child workers, in part because half of the world's work force in

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