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About Cooperative Efforts to Manage Emigration (CEME)

The Cooperative Efforts to Manage Emigration (CEME) project, with the support of the German Marshall Fund of the United States and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, examines ways in which immigration destinations can work more effectively with source and transit countries to coordinate movements and reduce emigration pressures. CEME seeks models and best practices for:

  • spurring economic development and democratization/respect for human rights in the countries of origin, with special focus on programs targeted at specific communities and population groups with large numbers of actual and potential migrants;
  • ways in which migrants in destination countries can work with their communities of origin to reduce emigration pressures, by e.g. strengthening programs that match remittances with other funds to speed up job-creating development);
  • promoting cooperation between countries of origin, transit and destination during the transition to reduced migration flows.