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Comparative Immigration and Integration Program (CIIP)

The Comparative Immigration and Integration Program (CIIP), supported by the Center for German and European Studies, enables UC faculty and graduate students interested in comparative migration issues to discuss their research with colleagues in periodic seminars. The Comparative Policy Research Center (CPRC) supported briefings on migration issues for state legislators and researchers in Sacramento.

Expert Commissions and Migration Policy Making: April 18-19, 2013

Migration and Competitiveness: Japan and the United States: September 13-14, 2012

Migration and Competitiveness: Japan and the US, March 22-23, 2012

Managing Migration and Integration: Europe and the US, March 9, 2012

Migration and Development: Comparing Mexico-US and Turkey-Western Europe, May 6, 2011

Population, Integration and Law: Implications for Immigration Policy March 29-30, 2010

Migration And Terrorism: US and European Perspectives, March 4-6, 2004

CIIP March 5-6, 2004
NAFTA and the European Referent: Labor Mobility in European and North American Regional integration - Mark J. Miller
Don't Let Terror Cross our Borders - Philip Martin and Susan Martin
Rupture and Continuity: Evaluating Immigration and 9/11 - Robert H. McLaughlin
International Migration and Terrorism: Prevention, Prosecution and Protection - Susan Martin
International Terrorism as an Immigration Crime: German Responses to 9/11 - Stefanie Schmahl
Latino Immigrant Rights, Legalization Strategies, and Citizenship in the Shadow of the National Security State: Responses to Domestic Pre-Emptive Strikes - Susanne Jonas
If We Build It, Will They Come? - Wayne A. Cornelius
The Use of US Immigration Enforcement and "Enemy Combatant" Designations after the September 11 Attacks - David A. Martin
Outline of the Joint Intervention of Christian Klos and Philippe De Bruycker for the Seminar "Migration and Terrorism: US and European Perspectives"
Guidelines on International Protection:
Background Note on the Application of the Exclusion Clauses: Article: 1F of the 1951 Convention relating
Refugees and Asylum after September, 11
Naturalisation and International Terrorism under German Law - Marianne Wiedemann
German Measures Against International Terrorism - Rudolf Roy
Identification of Terrorists in Aliens Law: The Situation in the Federal Republic of Germany
Foreigners Act - O. Reermann

CIIP February 23, 2001
Report of the conference
Employment Trends in Mexico: Reversing a 15-Year Loss? -- Agustín Escobar Latapí
Fronteras Fragmentadas, Identidades Multiples -- Gail Mummert
New Migration Needs a NEMP and Not (Only) a German Einwanderungsgesetz -- Thomas Straubhaar
German Green Cards: Solution, Stopgap, or Symbol? -- Philip Martin
Reluctant Hosts: The Future of Japan as a Country of Immigration -- Takeyuki Tsuda
Movin' on up? An overview of the housing situation for foreign-origin persons in West Germany -- Anita I. Drever and William A.V. Clark
Does Migration Improve Family Income? -- William A.V. Clark and Jamie Goodwin-White

[CIIP October 8, 1999]

[CIIP February 19, 1999]
El Voto de los Mexicanos en el Extranjero -- Juan Molinar Horcasitas
From Internal Regime Ruptures to the Transnationalization of Mexican Politics -- S. Mara Perez Godoy
New Organizing Strategies and Transnational Networks of Guatemalans and Salvadorans in Los Angeles -- Nora Hamilton
Towards an Understanding of Transnational Community Forms and Their Impact on Immigrant Incorporation -- Peggy Levitt
The Mexican-American Second Generation: Yesterday, Today...and Tomorrow -- David E. Lopez
Straddling Different Worlds: The Acculturation of Vietnamese Refugee Children -- Min Zhou
The Paradox of Assimilation: Children of Filipino Immigrants in San Diego -- Yen Espiritu

[CIIP October 9-10, 1998]
Report and Agenda
The Immigrant as Criminal: Punishing Dreamers -- Bill Hing
Involvement of the Organised Crime in the Trafficking in Migrants -- Reinhard Lohrmann
National Modes of Immigrant Integration: How can They be Conceptualized and Described? -- Friedrich Heckmann
Immigrants into Frenchmen: The French Model of Assimilation into Question -- Patrick Simon
Integration: Religion and Teaching -- Ulf Häußler
The Future of Labor Migration in Asia: Patterns, Issues, Policies -- Ron Skeldon
International Migration in the East Asia: A growing challenge for Japan -- Yasushi Iguchi
Wage Determination Among Foreign Workers -- Wayne Cornelius
Financial Crisis and Foreign Workers in Korea -- Kil-Sang Yoo
Why do People Stay? The Insider Advantages Approach -- Thomas Straubhaar and Peter Fischer
The Transportation Revolution and Transatlantic Migration, 1850-1914
Abroad and At Home: Foreign and Domestic Sources of U.S. Migration Policy -- Marc Rosenblum
Snakeheads in the Garden of Eden: Immigrants, Smuggling, and Threats to Social Order in Japan -- Rich Friman

[CIIP UCSD February 19-20, 1998]
Developments in International Migration to the United States: 1997 -- Roger Kramer
Patterns and developments in migration flows -- Olaf Reermann
Changing Patterns of Immigration to Germany, 1945-1997 -- Rainer Münz and Ralf E. Ulrich
Ideas, Institutions, and Civil Society: On the Limits of Immigration Control in France -- James F. Hollifield
Untitled -- Jürgen Haberland
Integration von Immigranten in Deutschland durch Gewährung von Minderheitenrechten? [English Version] -- Dietrich Murswiek
The Structural Embeddedness of Demand for Immigrant Labor in California and Japan -- Wayne Cornelius
Dependance on Migrants in Germany -- Christain Klos
Immigration, Politics, and the American Labor Market: An Historical Perspective -- Alan Kessler
Brain Drain and Brain Gain in Europe -- Thomas Straubhaar
[CIIP RFP February 16, 1998]

[CGES-CIIP October 10-11,1997]

[CGES-CIIP April 11, 1997]

CPRC March 7, 1997

CPRC February 21, 1997

CPRC October 4, 1996
[CGES-CIIP October 4, 1996]

CPRC June 10, 1996

[CGES-CIIP August 31, 1995]

[CGES-CIIP April 5, 1995]

[CGES-CIIP March 28, 1995]

[CGES-CIIP January 26, 1995]

[CGES-CIIP October 7, 1994]

[CGES-CIIP April 22, 1994]

[CGES-CIIP January 14, 1994]