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Outline of the Joint Intervention of Christian Klos and Philippe De Bruycker for the Seminar "Migration and Terrorism: US and European Perspectives"

The origin of European cooperation

Terrorism and the fight against illegal immigration

– Link between illegal immigration and terrorism?
– The impact of 9/11 on the agenda of migration management
– Development of instruments with dual-use character
– Current issues in the EU-US relations in the field of border and migration management

Terrorism and legal migration

- the general clauses on public order and public security
- the example of the admission of third-country students in Europe

Terrorism and asylum

- the protocole annexed to the EC Treaty in 1997 on asylum for nationals of Member States of the EU
- the Commission working document of 5 December 2001 on "The relationship between safeguarding internal security and complying with international protection obligations and instruments"
- the link with the proposal for a directive on the qualification and status of third-country nationals ans stateless persons as refugees or as persons who otherwise need international protection
- the link with the proposal for a directive on asylum procedures