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[CIIP RFP February 16, 1998]

Call for Proposals - Deadline, February 16, 1998

The Center for German and European Studies announces two competition: (1) grants of up to $2,500 are available to tenure-track UC faculty, and (2)

grants of up to $2000 are available to registered UC graduate students.

Grant recipients are expected to become active participants in the UC Comparative Immigration and Integration Program, a study group which meets two times a year to discuss economic, political, and socio-cultural questions raised by immigration into North American and Western Europe, and the integration of newcomers into these industrial democracies. Funds may be used for research-related travel, supplies and expenses (excluding equipment).

The UC Comparative Immigration and Integration Program (CIIP) is interested in the issues raised by migration from developing nations into the industrial nations of North America and Western Europe, the adaptation of newcomers to industrial societies, and the responses of industrial country populations to third world immigration. The purpose of the research grants is to permit faculty and students with comparative migration and integration interests to do further research of this type, and to enable those with expertise in one area of migration or integration to develop a comparative perspective in their work.

Proposals should indicate whether the questions being addressed are primarily economic, political, or socio-cultural. The CIIP defines these categories broadly, and does not expect, e.g., only economists to deal with economic questions. Sociologists and anthropologists interested in the impact of immigration on native-born minority workers, or on how immigrants fare in ethnic enclave economies, might for example, also be dealing primarily with economic questions. The CIIP has adopted this three-way economic, political, and socio-cultural taxonomy only for administrative convenience.

Applications should consist of a short description of the proposed research, a CV, a budget, and a statement listing the amounts and sources of other funds that have been received or applied for to support the proposed research. Berkeley faculty and students should submit their applications directly to the Center for German and European Studies at the address below.

UC faculty and tudents at campuses other than Berkeley or UCSD need to submit their applications through the Contracts and Grants Office at their home campus, allowing 2 weeks for processing. Please see your departmental MSO for instructions and information. Applications should be received at the following address by February 16, 1998.

>>> Center for German and European Studies

>>> 207 Moses Hall #2316

>>> University of California at Berkeley

>>> Berkeley, CA 94720-2316