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[CGES-CIIP April 22, 1994]


for the CGES Research Group on Comparative Immigration and Integration



Friday, April 22, 1994


9am Philip Martin/Dick Buxbaum: Review of purposes and goals of this group

9:15 am Introductions and 10 minute presentations on current comparative migration and integration research

12:15 Lunch with the other CGES groups

1:15pm Current Immigration Issues

4:00pm Adjourn

April 23, 1994

To: CGES Comparative Immigration and Integration Program(CIIP) Colleagues

From: Philip Martin

re: April 22, 1994 Spring Workshop at UCB

The Spring Workshop brought together 16 UC faculty and graduate students interested in Comparative Immigration and Integration issues. CGES Director Gerald Feldman explained that the funds that support the group are from a 10-year grant from the German government to promote German and European studies; he stressed the need for CIIP affiliates to acknowledge CGES in their working papers and scholarly publications. CIIP affiliates are invited to submit papers to Patricia LaHay, CGES, 254 Moses, UCB and, after review by the CIIP Executive Committee, they will be issued as CIIP Working Papers.

Dean of International Studies Dick Buxbaum noted that immigration and integration issues provide an opportunity to do what university leaders want to promote--interdisciplinary problem-oriented research. Andres Jimenez of the California Policy Seminar explained that this is exactly how the CPS is treating immigration and integration issues in California, and that CPS may be able to provide supplemental funds for CIIP projects.

CIIP affiliates have diverse interests. The issues being addressed range from the apparent "structural demand" for immigrant labor in industrial democracies--meaning that there is a demand for foreign workers even during recession--to how immigrants are being integrated in the relatively rich (parts of)countries with nationalist movements. Several CIIP affiliates are asking how the industrial democracies dealt with immigrants in the past, and what lessons historical experience provide for today's debates.

CIIP affiliates are examining the growing global importance of the international labor market--remittances from citizens abroad are the number one source of foreign exchange from Algeria to the ex-Yugoslavia. Many CIIP affiliates are interested in the transnational linkages that arise between areas of origin and destination, and how these linkages affect the economies, politics, and social organizations of both areas of origin and destination.

The CIIP group agreed to hold its Fall Workshop Friday October 21, 1994. We have preliminary approval to meet at UCSD, so that those who can arrive on Thursday October 20 can take a field trip to the US-Mexican border.

At the Fall Workshop, the morning session will be devoted to 2 or 3 presentations by CIIP affiliates on recently-completed research projects. A notice will be circulated in the September 1994 Migration News asking who would like to make a 20 to 30 minute presentation on their research; CIIP affiliates receiving support from CGES are expected to make one presentation per year.

The afternoon session will feature a presentation on the Commission on Immigration Reform's report, due to be released in September 1994. It is expected to guide the Clinton Administration's immigration reform proposals.

The minutes of the Spring Workshop will be distributed by (intercampus) mail, along with a list of the faculty and graduate students who pariticipated in the January and April workshops, and those who recieved CIIP research awards. Please send corrections and additions to Patricia Lahay.