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[CGES-CIIP January 14, 1994]

The CGES Research Group on Comparative Immigration and Integration met at UCB January 14, 1994 to formulate its plans. The Group reached consensus on three points:

1. A Steering Committee of Philip Martin(UCD), Wayne Cornelius(UCSD), and Roger Waldinger(ULCA) will prepare a RFP and plan the April 29, 1994 meeting of the Group. Richard Buxbaum or his designee will also be part of the Steering Committee.

2. The Group considered organizing the research activities of participants (1) by topic(flows, short-run impacts/integration, and long-run impacts/integration), as well as(2) by type of question investigated(economics, politics, and integration/culture). The group decided to organize the RFP and the April meeting by type of question investigated.

3. The Group's RFP will be issued by early February, in the hope that Faculty Research Awards can be made by early March. The Steering Committee will write the RFP and screen proposals received, including those of Committee members. Funding should be sufficient to support all worthy Faculty proposals received.

4. The April 29, 1994 meeting of the Group will be held at UCB in conjunction with other CGES groups. At that meeting, the expectation is that there will be 2 or 3 presentations by Group members on Economic questions, and 2 or 3 on Political issues. The Group plans to hold three one-day meetings annually, with at least one including a field trip for those who can arrive a day early.

The Group also intends to invite one or two representatives of other institutes/commissions to act as discussants and/or to make presentations on the structure and content of their work. Possibilities include Mark Miller of CMS, Michael Teitelbaum/Susan Forbes Martin(US Commission on Immigration Reform), Jeff Passel and Michael Fix of the Urban Institute, F Heckmann and K Bade(German migration institutes), and Roger Böhning and Jonas Widgren of the ILO and the Intergovernmental Consortium.

5. Martin at UCD and Giselle at UCB will create an email network/bulletin board to post news, data, and bibliographic items for the Group; all group members are asked to post items as well. Buxbaum will make $1500 available to Martin for the UCD part of the network; its usefulness will be evaluated at the April meeting.

The Group appreciates and understands Buxbaum's desire to see the ideas and implications of the Group's research evolve into a "California perspective" on immigration and integration issues. It is hoped that the Group can evolve so that it can, in conjunction with migration institutes in Europe and elsewhere, secure $3 to 5 million to do comparative research on fundamental immigration and integration issues in a manner that helps to shape the emerging field of migration studies.