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October 2008 Volume 14 Number 4

How does Silicon Valley Evaluate Foreign Education and Experience?

Sloan West Coast Program on Science and Engineering Workers
How does Silicon Valley Evaluate Foreign Education and Experience?

Friday, March 13, 2009

IT employers in the Silicon Valley recruit globally, visiting colleges abroad, transferring personnel from overseas affiliates to US operations, and relying on recruiters who specialize in workers who are abroad. Recruiting abroad can potentially provide the "best" technical or project management skills for work being done in the US or in the US and other countries.

This seminar explores the dependence of various types of firms on different types of overseas workers, asks how employers and recruiters assess foreign education and experience relative to US education and experience, and examines the career paths of foreigners recruited from overseas colleges and firms. The presentations and discussion focus on similarities and differences in skills useful to US employers that these overseas workers possess to help resolve whether selecting from a global labor force enables US employers to select just the "best" worker or is motivated by other considerations.

This seminar is supported by the Sloan Foundation and is held in cooperation with the NBER's Science & Engineering Workforce Project. Admission to the conference is limited to 60 participants (including about 30 corporate attendees) and is by invitation only. Contact Rafiq Dossani for attendance information.

Welcome and introductions, Philip Martin, UCD, Michael Teitelbaum, Sloan
Why hire engineers from overseas: findings from a quality study on Indian and Chinese engineers
Martin Carnoy, Rafiq Dossani and Prashant Loyalka, Stanford University
Discussant: Kanwal Rekhi, Indus Ventures
Panel: The experience of large IT firms
Ravi Sivaraman, SVP and head of Search Technology, Yahoo!, James Gordon, Intel, and Ram Prasad, Google, Sanjeev Patel, Wipro
Discussant: Petri Rouvinen, ETLA
Lunch hosted by Google at Mountain View: campus tour and interaction with engineers trained overseas
Panel: The experience of startups and small IT firms
Praveen Singh, Arada Systems, Robert Lee, Achievo, Chris Rowen, Tensilica
Discussant: Martin Kenney, UC Davis
Panel: Recruiting engineers from Asia
Anu Parthasarathy, Global Executive Talent, Adil Adi, Worldlink
Discussant: Manuel Serapio, CU Denver

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